The textiles collection

The textiles collection at the Jakobstad-Pietarsaari museum contains approximately 10 000 catalogued numbers. It includes needlework and dresses worn by the women of the Malm family, for instance, Amelie Malm’s wedding dress from 1855. The dress is on display in the Malm House, where you can also see Pehr Malm’s wallet from 1811, Peter Malm’s embroided tobacco pouch and a bag with a padlock owned by Otto Malm.

Several tailors who worked Jakobstad are represented in the collection, for example, S A Heikkinen, Petter Wärnström and John Rönning.

Master tailor Adolf Fredrik Engström, born in 1819, made a pair of party shoes in silk satin for Maria Malm.

The “Mallo” doll was made by the master tailor for his granddaughter Esther Engström in 1880’s.

The shoe section includes over 600 pairs of shoes and boots from the mid-19th century until today.

The museum owns a unique collection of textiles from the Roma culture in Finland. The collection contains skirts, blouses and aprons worn by local Roma women from the 1950’s and onwards.

The collections also contains men’s clothing, boots, crocheted clothes, sheets and towels with crochet lace. A woman’s and a girl’s dress made in an old and traditional way by Helli Baltzar represents the way of clothing in the 19th century.

The ship-owners’ costumes and crew’s costumes that were made to the ship launch of Jacobstads Wapen in 1992 and the historical costumes that were sewn for the town’s 350th anniversary are also found in the collection.

Sara Johansson

Museum curator

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