Visitor information

Museum Office

the Malm House

Exhibition hall Tempus

Exceptional opening hours 2023

1st of January Closed

6th -8th of January Closed

29th of March – 1st of April Closed

1st of May Closed

9th of May Closed

21th -23th of June Closed

2nd-4th of November Closed

6th of December Closed

24th -26th of December Closed

31st of December Closed

Contact information of the personnel

Carola Sundqvist

Museum director

Jeanette Edfelt

Curator of the object and art collection and Curator of Exhibitions

Johanna Enroth

Curator of the photo and picture archive and the library

Jarmo Jutila

Museum and Exhibition Technician

Jan Ehnvall


The document archive

Karola Töyrä


Siv Ågren

Cleaner / Museum Hostess

the Malm House; Tuesday to Sunday 12 a.m – 4 p.m.
044 785 1373

Sara Johansson

Curator of Strengberg Tobacco museum and the textiles collection

Jeaninne Bredbacka

Project coordinator

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