The collections at the Jakobstad-Pietarsaari museum contains objects, art and textiles. The tasks of the museum are to preserve, research, conserve and exhibit.

The collections have substantially expanded by donations. The museum gladly continues to accept donations.

The museum also manages the the Strengberg tobacco museum and the Veteran collection.

The Jakobstad-Pietarsaari museum manages an extensive art collection including over 2000 cataloged numbers. Art became an important part of the museum when curator Viktor Sund, who had a great interest in art, began to collect art already in the 1920’s. Read more about the art collection.

The Jakobstad-Pietarsaari museum owns a significant amount of objects. The number of catalogued objects is more than 30 000. These are primarily cultural-historical objects and objects that reflects the history of the Jakobstad region. The objects are partly donated to the museum and partly purchased. The museum continually accepts donations from individuals, companies and associations. Read more about the object collection.

The museum’s textiles collection comprises roughly 10 000 cataloged numbers. The collection includes both upper class and peasantry textiles. Read more about the textiles collection.

The veteran collection

The veteran collection started out as a project at the museum in 2005. The purpose was to collect the valuable personal memories of the veterans from the Finnish wars, particularly the Winter and Continuation wars. The project received new impetus in the beginning of the 2010’s as a result of a collection campaign in the press. In September 2014, the exhibition Veteran memories opened in the so called Little Building next to the Malm House. The collection campaign, including the media attention, led to valuable material being donated even after the campaign had officially ended.

The exhibition contains garments, utility items for service at the front, personal battle items and weapons, handicrafts, personal letters, photographs, decorations and commemorative medals. In addition, the collection also includes a research room with literature, maps and other written documentation.

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